Our Valued Members:

For over 52 years, your credit union has worked hard to connect with you, our members, in order to help you achieve your financial dreams.  From the first member we served in 1962 to each new member we welcome today, your credit union is committed to cultivating your financial success.  To do so, we strive to stay on the forefront of innovative technology providing you secure access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With the many regulatory changes impacting Financial Institution and Lending operations coupled with the data breaches that were reported all over the world news, 2014 was a challenging year but it also had many rewards.

In 2013, we reintroduced ourselves to the thousands of members that we serve and the community of members we hope to serve as Connect Credit Union.  Our goal being to help all our members, both current and future, feel like part of the family.  Just like our primary membership connects lives throughout the State of Florida using roads and bridges to bring people together, your credit union wants to connect with all of our members to provide you with the tools and knowledge to achieve your dreams.

One of the ways we are helping our members achieve their financial dreams is with our personal financial management tool called My$Manager.  My$Manager is located within online banking to help our members keep track of their spending, budget for the future and set financial goals.  In addition, looking forward into 2015 we will be bolstering our ability to complete loans faster and in a more user friendly format.  We will be exploring app access for smart phones and tablets. And we will be introducing Chip cards for our credit card and debit card account holders for increased security.

Going forward, we want to continue to connect with you and be your first choice for all of your financial needs.  We are committed to building a strong relationship with you based on trust and provide you with a high level of member service.  You will feel so confident in us that you will want to refer all your friends and family members to your credit union when they need assistance finding solutions to their individual financial situations.   We understand that everyone has unique situations and we want to be there for all of our members.

With every new endeavor, you have supported us and welcomed our new members as part of our credit union family.  Our commitment to you and your commitment to us is reflected in our mutual embrace of the many changes and opportunities that have allowed for the continued success of your credit union. We look forward to the future and traveling Together, on this road we call Life.

Scott Meyer
President & CEO