At Connect, we see you for more than your finances and are always trying to provide the best possible services to our members. Our secure online services, combined with our shared branching, enable us to offer you a multitude of versatile services throughout the country.

Online Banking

At Connect Credit Union we understand that having 24-7 access to your accounts is important our online banking solution allows you to access your accounts anytime, anywhere. In online banking, you can view your accounts, make transfers, see checks that have cleared your account, access your statement and so much more.

Shared Branching

We partner with other credit unions to provide extended services to you through our Credit Union Shared Service Centers. These centers enable us to share facilities and provide you with thousands of convenient locations throughout the U.S. Whether you’re at work, home, or your favorite travel destination, your credit union is never far away.

Bill Pay

Our members can enjoy the convenience and security of our online bill pay service, which allows you to make one-time or recurring payments, set up bill reminders, receive bills online, and view billing history.

Mobile Banking

Connect Credit Union now offers Mobile Banking which allows you to manage your accounts and have access to all your banking services on the go. Register your smart phone by logging on to your Online Banking account.


Connect Credit Union now offers you the ability to consolidate the view of all of your financial accounts within Online Banking with My$Manager. You can track spending, set up a budget and plan for short-term and long term financial goals.

Pop Money

Pop Money allows you the convenience to pay anyone, anytime, anywhere for a nominal fee.

Member Services

Reorder Checks

Gift Cards

Connect Credit Union makes gift giving easy with Gift Cards in varying amounts up to $750.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Our reloadable prepaid debit cards are the easy way to carry cash when traveling and are perfect for teaching your children to spend money wisely.


Notary services are available to member free of charge at all of our branch locations.

Loan Services


Loan Protection


Extended Warranty

Credit Protection

Phone 24

Access your accounts with any touch tone phone 24-7 with our Phone 24 service.

Wiring instructions - For Incoming Wires

Corporate One CU(formerly SouthEast Corp)
3692 Coolidge Court
Tallahassee, FL 32311
ABA# 263189069
For Credit To:
Connect CU
3400 W Commercial Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Account/ABA# 267078765
For Further Credit To:
Member Name- (your name as it appears on your account)
Member Account #- (your six digit savings account number)
Special instructions- (This is where you could put “deposit to savings” or “deposit to checking” for example.)

Financial Calculators