Pop Money allows you the convenience to pay anyone, anytime, anywhere for a nominal fee. How it works:

Popmoney® is an optional service for Bill Pay users to make person to person payments. You can use your existing checking account to send or receive payments.

Use Popmoney® to:

  • Send money to your child away at college
  • Pay back friends when you split the bill
  • Send a wedding gift when you can't attend
  • And much more!

Send Money to a Person

To send money, simply sign on to Online Banking and go to Bill Pay. Once you are enrolled, you can send money to anyone in the US with a bank account by using his or her email address or phone number information.  The recipient will receive an email or a text message with instructions on how to receive the payment.  Your Popmoney® transaction may be completed in as few as 3 business days— we'll notify you when the transaction is complete.

Receive Money

Once you are setup, other Popmoney® users may send you money as well.  To receive funds, sign on to Online Banking and go to Bill Pay.  With just a few clicks you can accept the funds which will be deposited to your account when the transaction is completed.